Malcolm Change Log


New Features Introduced

This section of the Change Log provides a list of the new requirements implemented in version Malcolm

D4C-5320 Optimize execution time of Talend job
D4C-5371 Smart Import Error Management
D4C-5400 Use the table’s PK on insert from the NK on Excel import 
D4C-5262 Create a new Tenant
D4C-5266 Delete Existing Tenant
D4C-5268 Assign Business Users to Tenants
D4C-5269 Manage Business users of a Tenant
D4C-5270 Delete Business User
D4C-5272 Add “Manage Tenants” scope to Administrator Users
D4C-5273 Select Session’s Tenant through navigation
D4C-5274 User Management shall show the Business Users’ Tenants
D4C-5276 Remove a Business User from a Tenant
D4C-5284 User’s Default Tenant
D4C-5327 Workspace Attributes’ Settings
D4C-5350 Use DS’s directory relative path to Eclipse path as default workspace’s “Editor Path” property value
D4C-5399 Export additional reports as sheets in XLS template READY FOR QA
D4C-5372 Support excel formula when importing XLS file
D4C-5425 Enable Excel Import in case of metric is not used in the report IN TESTING

Enhancements Introduced

This section of the Change Log provides a list of the new enhancements implemented in version Malcolm

D4C-5385 Use system variable in the CRUD of editable report
D4C-5121 Explain why it’s not possible to enable editing on the report
D4C-5322 Set Workspace User Attributes
D4C-5380 Error Management in Editable Report
D4C-5396 Hide desc column when it is identical to id column in XLS template
D4C-5397 Non visible columns must be hidden also in the XLS template
D4C-5468 Enable the column definition properties even when editing is not enabled yet
D4C-5511 Expose the DT number in report data provider
D4C-5518 Fix the name of Chinese language 
D4C-5301 Application Default Tenant
D4C-5302 Add “All tenants admin” Scope to Administrator Users
D4C-5310 Filter mentionable Users in the Widget Discussion
D4C-5323 Workspace Attributes section
D4C-5325 Migrate User Attributes as WorkSpace User Attributes
D4C-5326 Workspace User Attributes values list evaluation
D4C-5388 Modify the audit table name in editable report
D4C-5402 Expose Users’ tenants as system variable

Fixed Defects ​​

This section of the Change Log provides a list of the defects solved.

D4C-5309 WD code highlight and text search not works

D4C-5363 Custom Widget with drop-down property autoselect first item

D4C-5370 Import from XLS template fails when there is a date column

D4C-5379 Exception raised when no metric in an editable report

D4C-5381 Exception raised when a field is empty on update in editable crosstab

D4C-5382 Exception raised when the report contains a level and a metric mapped on the same column

D4C-5384 Exception raised when non-mandatory fields are empty on insert

D4C-5419 “Manage All Tenant” scope can not be assigned to other users

D4C-5426 Updating a group remove from group all users belonging to tenants not managed by the admin who update the group

D4C-5428 Saving user from profile user section removed tenant scopes

D4C-5464 the enable-editing property of a report generates blocking errors

D4C-5348 Impossible to interrupt synchronization operation

D4C-5369 Widget crosstab is not rendered correctly in the page


D4C-5245 Excel validation after report column removal into exported excel
D4C-5415 Error installing a new metadata from Design-Studio
D4C-5456 Some error messages on report CRUD are not translated
D4C-5481 Rendering of smart table widget blocked by structure validation
D4C-5510 Delete is not performed from source to target during app synchronization
D4C-5338 Tab Panel: auto-refresh on params change doesn’t work READY FOR QA
D4C-5252 Exception raised when disconnecting users
D4C-5332 Report totals column definition
D4C-5359 Logo not clickable from folder in landing page
D4C-5366 Unresponsive page when user is associated to a group without logout/login
D4C-5411 Metadata Deploy
D4C-5412 Properties with overlap for TENANT and report associated in the widget designer
D4C-5416 Wrong label error in case of creation an existing user in another tenant
D4C-5444 Workspace setting User attributes with some wrongly behaviours, (attribute fields)
D4C-5449 Error on username change
D4C-5453 User can’t chane language configuration
D4C-5472 [Azure] Tenant create/delete and notification
D4C-5473 [Azure] Create new attribute with label wrong
D4C-5475 [Azure] An error occurred after saving attribute settings for the user
D4C-5285 The system does not load image in the preview of folders/pages after canceling the operation
D4C-5291 Smart Table: can not import data from excel template if the report contains a custom measure
D4C-5394 Log-in on appcomposer doesn’t work
D4C-5474 Label missing in the attribute section
D4C-5418 Confirm delete tenant’s widows to improve
D4C-5465 System label transaltion
D4C-5471 Excel import raise error when the LK and FT have different column name
D4C-5514 CRUD operations performed on the Data Grid fail if the LK and FT have different column name