Katy Migration Notes

– Decisyon App Composer 6.4.1 “Katy” cannot be installed to upgrade versions before the 6.2.0 “Jake”: if it were the case, before installing “Katy”, DAC must be upgraded to the 6.3.0 “Jalapeño” and then proceed upgrading to “Katy”.

– Decisyon App Composer’s Docker Image has change its artefact id from “appcomposer-home” and “appcomposer-azure” to “appcomposer-docker” and “appcomposer-k8s“. So the images names now are com.decisyon.appcomposer-k8s and com.decisyon.appcomposer-docker. You need to change them in your configurations in order to upgrade to KATY: appcomposer-home” and “appcomposer-azure” are no longer supported, use “appcomposer-k8s” only in Kubernetes cluster, for any other purpose user “appcomposer-docker”. 

– Decisyon App Composer’s Docker Image has a new startup file and if you are running on Azure App Service, you need to change the configuration setting the “Startup File” as “bash -c /usr/bin/start.sh“.

– Cornelius has changed its running port from 8888 to 8080: any configuration (e.g. docker or docker-compose) must be changed. If you have Cornelius’ image to bind its running port to an host port, xxxx:8888, this has to change to xxxx:8080. Furthermore, check your AppComposer configuration, and see if you need to change config.server.port property accordingly.

– In order to use Cornelius as Configuration Server you need to change your spring.profiles.active property, adding the profile “cornelius”: for example, if you have “spring.profiles.active=prod” you need to change it to “spring.profiles.active=prod,cornelius”

– Static Charts have been replaced with new better-looking ones. Even if the migration shall be done automatically, it is possible that any of them would change its appear a bit. The Gantt chart is an exception and it must be checked and reconfigured from scratch if necessary.

Then, for the following static charts, some properties must be reviewed:

  • Dual Y-Axis Line becomes a Custom Layer plotting both series (first y axis and second y axis) as lines, setting the property “custom-layer” accordingly;
  • Dual Y-Axis Bar becomes a Custom Layer  plotting both series (first y axis and second y axis) as columns, setting the property “custom-layer” accordingly;
  • Dual Y-Axis becomes a Custom Layer plotting the first serie as a column on the first y axis, the second one as a line in the second y axis, setting the property “custom-layer” accordingly.
  •  Area Percentage become a 2D Area Stack enabling the “show-percentage” property.