Katy Change Log


Fixed Defects ​​

This section of the Change Log provides a list of the defects solved.

D4C-4971 Custom Widget: error associated-workflow property invalid value .

D4C-4973 Application Synchronization Fails.

D4C-4975 Error using ExtSubscribeEvent js function.

D4C-4978 Deploy page (also with catalogue) not synchronized on Azure environment.

D4C-4984 Unable to fully authenticate users on Schneider IDMS.


New Features Introduced

This section of the Change Log provides a list of the new requirements implemented in version Katy

Enhancements Introduced

This section of the Change Log provides a list of the new enhancements implemented in version Katy
  • D4C-3895 Manage the page navigation through UI-Router: Now the navigation of the pages ( tree and tabs ) is manage  through UI-Router.
  • D4C-3932Refactoring of exceptions management for Controllers Users, Tasks, Labels, REST Api, User Profile, Groups and Alerts. 
  • D4C-4214 Change the UX of landing page when user doesn’t have access to app and pages : Now when the user has no APP associated, the system displays a message to warn him.
  • D4C-4236 Improve REST Api Authentication when invoked internally : It has been improved authentication REST API when invoked internally.
  • D4C-4247 Add @Role annotation for authorising access to the REST Api of administration. 
  • D4C-4171 Alert UI add search box in the dropdown component. 
  • D4C-4181 Use Fusion Chart library when using charts in web report editor.
  • D4C-4688 Tasks that exceeded the due date must not be flagged as “invalid”. 
  • D4C-4312 [F-end] exceptions management User Administration Section. 
  • D4C-4313 [F-end] exceptions management User Profile Section. 
  • D4C-4314 [F-end] exceptions management Groups Section. 
  • D4C-4315 [F-end] exceptions management Business Labels Section.
  • D4C-4316 [F-end] exceptions management REST Api Section.
  • D4C-4317 [F-end] exceptions management Alert Section.
  • D4C-4318 [F-end] exceptions management Task Section.
  • D4C-4402 Alert section refactoring for UI-Routing support.
  • D4C-4511 Add the code name to the DAC’s General Info and Design Studio’s About panel: Now in the DAC’s General Info and Design Studio’s About panel has been added code name to the version shown.
  • D4C-4538 Improve client and back end side language support.
  • D4C-4576 Task section refactoring for UI-Routing support. 
  • D4C-4588 Replace AbstractConnectedThread with @Scheduled tasks.                         
  • D4C-4674 Contextual link on task opens dialog with report, not the page.
  • D4C-4728 Metric editor doesn’t keep wrapping in the SQL formula.
  • D4C-4746 User DAC’s token to authN and authZ Gertrude and Flowable-Modeler.
  • D4C-4809 Add new Fusion Chart graphs.
  • D4C-4810 Migrate static charts to the dynamic counterpart.                                        
  • D4C-4812 Remove the Report’s charts preview from the DS.
  • D4C-4868 Make DS use the Spring Profile.
  • D4C-4182 Hide application selection sidebar in case of only one app: Now, when the user is associated with only one application, the application section toolbar is hidden.   

Fixed Defects ​

This section of the Change Log provides a list of the defects solved.

D4C-4803 Dialogs opens in the background in Design Studio.

D4C-4051 Back button in the Pages: works on the second click and the original page remains selected. Non assegnata 

D4C-4075 Unstandardized management of the tag in a discussion. 

D4C-4343 Error opening task from mail notification. 

D4C-4630 Custom Label not translated on Landing Page.

D4C-4663 Empty page on Drill Through from Charts.

D4C-4670 Pages of selected application disappear when click on logo in header.

D4C-4671 No legend and level value on some animated charts.

D4C-4721 The user can delete the default system language.

D4C-4727 Widget Designer preview doesn’t work (HTTP 404 error in console).

D4C-4877 the properties in sidebar of DAC depends on user’s language.

D4C-4886 In report’s pageby search is limited only to visible elements.

D4C-1593 Object not draggable on crosstab’s Advanced Sorting.

D4C-3785 Wrong Owner importing a widget.

D4C-3811 The system creates but not populates the EI table of an excel integration.

D4C-4094 Open task by code javascript (extCreateTask) on a page and the task is not created.

D4C-4116 Sort by Priority doesn’t work on Task Board.

D4C-4463 Document not created on Azure.

D4C-4611 Error connectin on DAC DS using Open Connect.

D4C-4614 Report not filtered on Discussion tag selection.

D4C-4615 Error Creating a new alert.

D4C-4616 Logo and Favicon no more available on Logo and Colors section.

D4C-4622 Error generating User Token.

D4C-4629 Console ERROR saving using profile.

D4C-4633 Exceptions management REST Api Section.

D4C-4634 The “Set user local timezone” fail.

D4C-4636 Users with no Admin role are wrongly not authorised to use most of the DAC functionality.

D4C-4637 Exceptions management User Profile Section.

D4C-4646 Unable to view the Space Wizard Page.

D4C-4648 Javascript error.

D4C-4649 WebSocket Javascript error.

D4C-4662 Multi language labels are not applied on some dialogs of crosstab.

D4C-4664 No Admin user can edit Page on DAC web aplication.

D4C-4680 User Not disconnected when Admin change Email or Username.

D4C-4681 No Administrator user can’t save User Profile.

D4C-4682 Generic message on User Profile Email or Username already used.

D4C-4683 Wrong Aler on Wrong Password on User Profile/Management.

D4C-4685 Error saving new user.

D4C-4686 Generic error on no standard password for user creation.

D4C-4687 No alert on tab title for Aler DATA.

D4C-4673 Report re-designed after a contextual discussion is attached.

D4C-4698 Error running Design Studio on empty database/schema.

D4C-4701 Console exceptions on open task preview dialog.

D4C-4705 white icons on main toolbar.

D4C-4733 Error on Landing page when there are no visible applications.

D4C-4734 The system doesn’t allow to open or run a report in a read mode if the report id locked by another administrator user.

D4C-4778 Group Management: error when loading groups. 

D4C-4541 Error adding Execute button on Page Designer.

D4C-4807 SUBJECTS locker on user creation.

D4C-4817 Business label not translated if user language is English.

D4C-4820 labels not translated on Alert section.

D4C-4847 ERROR generatin user tocken.

D4C-4850 Appcomposer container do not run due to an error.

D4C-4864 No version for languages added before new languages mnanagement.

D4C-4867 Timezone NO set in the DS after a new metadata installation.

D4C-4869 Links in the task’s mail doesn’t work.

D4C-4882 Russian character not rendered on Alert Details.

D4C-4893 “My Document” graphical issue.

D4C-4894 Impossible to save a non-administrator user profile.

D4C-4895 Appcomposer Restart necessary to refresh system labels.

D4C-4896 system labels last update missed.

D4C-4898 Default language not setted for users when a language is deleted.

D4C-4903 No color on new Logo And Colors management migration 

D4C-4910 Additional notification recipients list empty on alert creation.

D4C-4661 Advanced sorting dialog doesn’t show levels aliases .

D4C-4693 Error when creating contextual task on a SQL Report.

D4C-4873 Button create signal, from section my signal, is covered.